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Monday, March 9, 2009

Running Win 7, won't be looking back.

Hi everyone.

Despite the initial skepticism I had prior to installing the Beta of Windows 7, here I am, three weeks into running it on our Laptop and I have to say: I'm impressed!

I like the intuitive new features like the Superbar as well as the invisible windows feature. This feels more sprightly compared to Vista and it actually eats less resources. Gaming on Red Alert 3 has improved, albeit an average of an FPS or two, but that in itself shows that there is something going on with the WDDM 1.1 drivers.

I appreciate how the new boot sequence looks like and how the start menu items each have their own recent documents list.

I have noticed that the batteries run out fast on this Beta though. On Vista, I used to put the lappy to sleep for three, even four days and when I resume, it has only taken around 5% off of the power, whereas now, if I leave it on sleep for even 6 hours, it would've taken off the same amount.

There is a nice "Send Feedback" link on each window beside the control boxes and this makes it easy for me to let MS know exactly how I feel about this Beta.

I'll be writing more as I test the programs I usually use on a Daily basis and see if there are any issues cropping up.

I wonder how I'll cope when the Beta ends on August. For sure, I'll be one of those who'll be preordering Windows 7. :)

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